The Muesli Belt

(l to r) Kathleen M. Darcy, Lisa Dobby and Ian Patrick Williams

Theatre Banshee presents the U.S. Premiere of The Muesli Belt by Dublin playwright Jimmy Murphy. Murphy, author of Banshee's hit production of The Kings of the Kilburn High Road, has had his works produced in many Irish theatres, including the famed Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

Lisa Dobbyn and John McKenna
The regulars at the Black Pool, a run-down Dublin pub, see changes all around them. As the city grows and changes, new money comes in looking to gentrify old neighborhoods. Can a well-worn Dublin pub survive the onslaught of trendy shops and big money? What will become of old friends, old alliances and old bonds when it's time to chuck out the old and make way for the new?

The Muesli Belt features: Kathleen Mary Carthy, Kathleen M. Darcy, Lisa Dobbyn, Matt Foyer, Andrew Graves, Andrew Leman, John McKenna, and Ian Patrick Williams. The production is directed by LA Drama Critics Circle award and Back Stage West Garland award winning director, Sean Branney.

In the tradition of Irish drama, The Muesli Belt tempers its drama with generous helpings of humor and rowdy fun.

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Daniel Kaemon, Time Winters and Brett Mack
Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is The Muesli Belt family friendly?
A: The play features some realistic pub language (f-bombs and the like), but beyond language issues, it's suitable for teens and up.

Q: How long is it?
A: The production is about two hours, start to finish, including an intermission where you can enjoy a delicious Banshee Brownie

Q: Are they drinking real alcohol up there?
A: They're such good actors, it's hard to tell.

Q: Do I get extra credit for seeing it?
A: Ask your teacher - you very well might. Of course if you're not a student, the odds may be slimmer. Still, it can't hurt for you to ask your boss or another authority figure in your life.

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