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We need your help. We really do. As a small arts organization, our entire operating budget comes from our box office sales and support from people like you. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and your tax-deductible donation supports a troupe of artists who strive to create performances that will resonate with you for the rest of your lives. No one at Theate Banshee gets rich, few even break-even, but we all share a love and passion for the artform of theatre and the positive effect it has on people's lives.

We've got four easy ways you can help keep Theatre Banshee going strong.

1. Come See Our Plays
It's easy: just come see our shows. Our box office is our most important source of income. More importantly though, we like to do plays for a theatre full of patrons. So come see great theatre. Bring some friends with you. They'll thank you. So will we.

2. Volunteer Your Time
There's always a lot to do. If you can stick a stamp, fold a program, or operate a paint brush, odds are you're highly qualified to be a Theatre Banshee volunteer. It's fun, you'll work with great people, and you'll share in the satisfaction of creating something meaningful. To get started just e-mail

3. Donate Goods
We need stuff: from drywall screws to toilet paper, it all comes in handy. Ready to retire your Powerbook? Let us know. Tools, office supplies, coffee... it's all helpful to us and tax-deductible to you.

4. Donate Funds
Your tax-deductible donation pay our actors' gas money, it buys our paint and keeps the air conditioner running. Send us a check, slip us some cash or use your credit card right now to show your support.

PayPal will handle charging your credit card safely and securely and passing the funds along to us.
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