By the Bog of Cats

Banshee's next production will be the Los Angeles premiere of Marina Carr's drama, By the Bog of Cats. This dark and thrilling play is an Irish riff on Euripides' tragedy Medea. Hester Swain, a tinker who lives on the bog is cast aside when her husband decides to marry a younger and wealthier girl. The past unravels in a whirlwind of the mythic and the horrific as Hester makes a final stand to reclaim the life she once knew. Rich in humor and peopled with otherworldly characters, By the Bog of Cats is an unforgettable journey to the dark soul of the Irish midlands.

This fantastical production features: Erin Barnes, Aidan Bristow, Kacey Camp, Kristin Coffman, Casey Kramer, Shelley Kurtz, Barry Lynch, Jacob Lyle, Erin Noble, Joseph Patrick O'Malley, David Pavao, Bonnie Snyder, Rebecca Wackler and Talyan Wright. Lighting desin by Bosco Flanagan and costume design by Michele Young. Fight choreoraphy by Brian Danner of Swordfights, Inc. Sean Branney directs.

By the Bog of Cats will open November 2nd and run to December 8th at The Banshee.

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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is By the Bog of Cats family friendly? What's this play rated?
A: There are themes of violence against children which could make this play very unsettling for younger audiences. We recommend it for teens and up.

Q: This is like an Irish version of Medea?
A: The playwright, Marina Carr, clearly took her inspiration from Medea, but By the Bog of Cats is not a direct retelling of that story. It's actually quite interesting to compare the two plays to see what they have in common and how they differ.

Q: How long is it?
A: The play is about twho hours, and that includes an intermission where you can get one of our delicious Banshee Brownies.

Q:What's a bog? Do cats really live in them?
A: A peat bog is a type of terrain in Ireland which consists of very wet, spongy soil, where the peatmoss is fully saturated with water. Bogs are tricky to cross as they ground sometimes looks firm when it almost completely wet and sometimes looks swampy even though the ground is firm.

Q:If it's about cats, why is there a swan on the postcard?
A: First, it's not really about cats at all, but second, our graphic designer selected imagery from the play which he thought would provivde an arresting and symbolic image for marketing the play. You'll see why the swan is significant when you see it.

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