The Walworth Farce

L to R: Adam Haas Hunter, Tim Cummings, Brie Eley and Cameron J. Oro

"compellingly staged and expertly acted" -
"a deeply moving and intellectually stimulating ride" Back Stage West
"excellent performances...very impressive work"

Theatre Banshee is thrilled to present a bold work from Irish dramatist Enda Walsh. A winner of a Fringe First at Edinburgh's prestigious Fringe Festival, The Walworth Farce is a wild theatrical ride. Part farce and part domestic drama, laced with lethal humor, touching relationships and theatrical originality, this show's a bold journey to some strange and satisfying territory.

L to R: Adam Haas Hunter and Tim Cummings
Every day in a small dingy flat on London's Walworth road, an Irish father and his two sons act out a peculiar ritualized drama. But when a stranger happens into their performance, the drama they've been re-enacting for years takes a wild detour. The addition of the stranger might bring healing and closure to their lives of strange repeition - or their farce may stray into the realm of tragedy.

The Walworth farce features the outstanding cast of Tim Cummings, Brie Eley, Adam Haas Hunter, Cameron J. Oro and Kevin Stidham. The design team includes scenic design by Arthur MacBride, lighting by R. Christopher Stokes, costumes by Jessica Dalager, props/graphics by Andrew Leman and fight choreography (yes, there's fighting - and drinking - it's Irish after all) by Brian Danner. Tim Byron Owen directs the production with Assistant Director, Alice Ryan.

Don't miss this bizarre excursion into what it means to be Irish, and how we cope with the horrors of our past in order to try and survive the present.

Adam Haas Hunter, Cameron J. Oro and
Tim Cummings
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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is The Walworth Farce family friendly?
A: There's a fair bit of language that may be inappropriate for younger theatre goers. When you add to that the violence and some of the challenging themes in the show, we're really only comfortable endorsing it for teens and up.

Q: It's a comedy, right?
A: Um, well, yes. Sort of. Well, not really. It is quite funny, but if you come looking forward to fluffy story with lots of silly laughter, you'll probably go home confused and irritated. But if you come looking forward to a bold and strange farce that carries some potent dramatic weight with it, you'll surely go home delighted.

Q: Farce, eh? Like they dress up in silly clothese and run in and out of doors?
A: There's no shortage of men in women's clothes and silly wigs here. And the set has plenty of doors.

Q: How long is it?
A: The Walworth Farce runs a little beyond two and half hours, including an intermission where you can treat yourself to our famed Banshee brownies.

Q: Is this a true story?
A: We sure hope not.

Cameron J. Oro (L), Brie Eley (C) and Adam Haas Hunter (R)
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