Irish Jive Dancin' in Theatre Banshee's Dockers
L to R Josh Thoemke, Lisa Dobbyn and Dan Harper
(photo by Ralph Nelson)

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We are delighted to present the US Premiere of Dockers by celebrated Belfast playwright Martin Lynch. Set in the Sailortown neighborhood of Belfast in the 1960s, Dockers is the story of an idealistic young dock worker attempting to reform the tough turf of the Belfast docks. This painful collision of ideologies is tempered with rich humor, a wee bit of music, and more than a few pints of Guinness.

Dockers opens at The Banshee on October 27. The production features Banshee veterans: Lisa Dobbyn, Dan Harper, Melissa Jones, Barry Lynch, Rebecca Marcotte, David Pavao, Josh Thoemke and Noah Wagner plus Seth Compton, Michael Harrity, Jim Krestalude and John McKenna (see lovely pictures of them at the bottom of this page).

When: October 27 through December 10. Fridays at 8, Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 2pm.

Where: The Banshee - 3435 W. Magnolia in Burbank (2 blocks east of Hollywood Way on Magnolia) and there's ample safe free parking.

How Much: Tickets are $18 general, $12 for students, seniors or groups of 6 or more.

Free Food: Yes, our friends at Timmy Nolan's Irish pub are offering a deal where if you buy one dinner, you get a second one free. Click here for details.

Union Men
L to R Dan Harper, Michael Harrity, Jim Krestalude and Noah Wagner (photo by Ralph Nelson)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is it?
A: A little over two hours, including intermission.

Q: Are you doing the famed Banshee pub nights after the show?
A: Yes, on Saturday nights we invite audiences to stay at the theatre to enjoy a pint, a snack and a bit o' craic (chat) with members of the Banshee cast and crew. Dockers set is part pub after all...

Q: Is Dockers suitable for kids?
A: It's great for small children with a strong interest in the history of the trade union movement in Northern Ireland. Seriously, there is a small amount of violence and some language suitable for an Irish pub. It would probably pull a PG rating.

Q: Did Theatre Banshee move?
A: No, we took over the Gene Bua Theatre and it's now The Banshee. It's the same location where you've seen our other productions, newly remodeled and rennovated.

Q: What happened to Gene & Toni?
A: They are alive and well and teaching classes in The Banshee several times a week.

Q: Is this some kind of lefty up-with-the-working-man play promulgating the notion that laborers deserve fair wages and decent working conditions?
A: Yes.

Call 818.846.5323 to make a reservation or just click here.

The critically acclaimed cast of Dockers features:

Seth Compton
Lisa Dobbyn
Theresa Graham
Jim Krestalude
Jack Henry
Barry Lynch
Buckets McGuinness
Dan Harper
John Graham
Michael Harrity
Henry McKibben
John McKenna
Leg MacNamara
Melissa Jones
Mary Anne McKeown
Rebecca Marcotte
Sarah Montague
Josh Thoemke
Hughie MacNamara
David Pavao
Noah Wagner
Jimmy Sweeney
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