Theatre Banshee is delighted to present one of the 20th century's most powerful, entertaining and provocative drama's: The Crucible. Neighbors turn on one another as fears of witchcraft give way to paranoia and vengeance. Written as a cautionary parable during the 1950s communist scare, The Crucible takes the term "witch-hunt" and returns it to its roots in Puritan New England in time ruled by fear and repression. Arthur Miller's masterpiece enthralls us with a tale of a society on the brink of devouring itself.

L to R: Shawn Savage, Karen Zumsteg, Cameron Oro, David Pavao and Barry Lynch
Young girls' late night dancing in the woods leaves them mysteriously afflicted. The citizens of Salem begin to wonder if they've fallen ill, or if diabolical forces may be at work. Dozens are arrested as suspects as the young women cry out the names of those whose spirits afflict them. Soon attention turns to John & Elizabeth Proctor, and despite their seemingly upright ways, they stand accused. Will Salem come to its senses, or will even the righteous and decent hang from the gallows?

The Crucible features: Donald Agnelli, Adele Colson, Mark Colson, Kathleen M. Darcy, Matt Foyer, Andrew Graves, Michelle Holmes, Hollie Hunt, Vivian Kerr, Maeve Kiely, Barry Lynch, Maggie Matteson, Lawrence Novikoff, Cameron Oro, David Pavao, Shawn Savage, Kevin Stidham, Sarah van der Pol, Rebecca Wackler, Ericka Winterrowd and Karen Zumsteg. The design team includes scenic design by Arthur MacBride, lighting by R. Christopher Stokes, costumes by Laura Brody, props/graphics by Andrew Leman and fight choreography by Brian Danner. Sean Branney directs the production with Assistant Director, Mike Dalager.

See why this tale of early American settlers resonates with audiences world-wide and is taught in classrooms across the nation. On stage, The Crucible is no dry, academic excercise; it breathes with ferocious conflict, palpable fear, and a welcome dose of humor.

Donald Agnelli, Tim Cummings and Kevin Stidham
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Questions that might get asked frequently

Q: Is The Crucible family friendly?
A: C'mon, it's a story about Puritans, how bad could it be? Seriously, The Crucible is often taught in high schools and is well suited for audiences from junior high and up.

McKerrin Kelly as Maimie

Q: It's taught in school so it's boring, right?
A: Au contraire! It's taught in school because it's a brilliantly written drama, it's steeped in important themes and it's spectacularly entertaining. Check out the first scene alone - we're sure you won't find it boring.

Q: What's with the goofy clothese? I thought it was about 1950s communists?
A: Arthur Miller wrote the play as a reaction to the Blacklists and Anti-Communist persecutions taking place in the early 1950s, but the play itself is set in Salem, Massachussets in 1692 - hence the unusual fashion choices.

Q: How long is it?
A: Our Crucible runs about two hours and forty minutes, with a fifteen minute intermission smack in the middle where you can fortify yourself with a Banshee Brownie and a soft drink, chat with friends about how glad you are not to have lived in 17th Century Salem, and then come back in to see how it all works out.

Q: Is this really a true story? Did all this stuff really happen?
A: The phrase "based on a true story" comes to mind. Miller's play is based on historical events. He's taken liberties with many of the historical facts in order to give us a better and more concise play, but in general, the main events of The Crucible actually took place. The events that took place in Salem were so egregious that the practice of witch-hunting died away in the years that followed it.

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