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"Harrowing depiction of the 1650's ethnic cleansing of Ireland deepens insight into the present day troubles...Theatre Banshee's production frames the origins of that conflict with persuasive insight and clarity and a superb cast...Baldwin and Drachman chillingly portray a heartfelt partnership rent asunder by evil circumstance...[an] undeniable emotional and political wallop.... In a handsomely performed historical drama, Theatre Banshee's production of The Clearing frames the origins of that [the Irish] conflict with persuasive insight and clarity."

The Los Angeles Times

" ...The final scene in which Maddy (the vibrant Leslie Baldwin) and Robert (Eric Drachman) warily meet in a clearing symbolizes the tragic mistrust between the Irish and the English that has lasted for hundreds of years .
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LA Weekly

" Director Sean Branney breathes life into a text that might have been played drily in less skilled hands...the performances are first rate. Leslie Baldwin is quite powerfully on target...Barry Lynch and Rebecca Wackler's realistic portrayals are quite good...Carolyn Palmer is darkly fascinating...the results of her performance are heartwrenching...Andrew H. Leman as the terrified English governor is also excellent."

Backstage West/Drama-logue

"a well-crafted, deftly performed presentation from Theatre Banshee. Branney has assembled a cast of talented, engaging actors to re-live a wrenching part of Irish history...The actors are uniformly superb... Banshee's production is a telling, honest portrayal of cultural and religious separation technically and adeptly presented with a fine cast a focused direction."

The Burbank Leader

ADA Award nominations for Best Production, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design, Best Scenic Design & Best Original Score

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